How the skin feels in winter

Why does the skin look less fresh and healthy in winter? Several reasons.

Low temperature, in accordance with the laws of physics, causes the vessels to constrict, which complicates the normal flow of blood. And it slows down the metabolism and impairs the nutrition of the skin.

The harsh wind outside, and dry the heating and air conditioning indoor air lead to rapid moisture loss.

Constant temperature difference in the “street–house” mode is a stressful factor for the skin.

In the cold season, we drink less water and more hot drinks, including tea and coffee, which are diuretics, and therefore contribute to the withdrawal of the body fluid, which he and so lacks.

The result is dehydrated cells and the deficiency of lipids. Simply put, the protective reactions of the skin and its ability to recover are weakened. It becomes dry, sensitive, pale, prone to redness. Overreaction to low temperatures is possible.

These troubles are easy to avoid if you provide the skin with proper care at home.

Тhe cold leather of any type is much more in need of hydration and protection.

Features of winter skin care

Below is a list of rules that should be followed when switching to winter time.

Constant temperature difference in the “street–house” mode is a stress factor for the skin.

Gentle cleansing: no “how to RUB your face”, no “creak” feeling. Use only gentle sponges, delicate gels and mousses.

Alcohol-free physiological tonic: the strength to correct the acid-base balance in dehydrated tissues is not enough, so the skin will have to help restore the pH after washing.

Moisturizer: apply an hour before leaving home. Then the means of any texture will have time to be absorbed, and on the face there will be only a light film that will insure its own hydrolipidic mantle of the skin.

Dusting: tandem “Foundation + loose powder” will soften the “traumatic” effect of the temperature difference.

Night care: moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid, algae and aloe extracts, peptides is ideal for all skin types.

In the bitter cold shows a rejection of the deep invasive salon procedures (peeling, laser surgery, dermabrasion). Damage the skin excretes pus — greasy protective cream is not always possible to apply after the procedure, and it is undesirable to go out in the cold.

Basic winter care products

Foam, milk, micellar water-for purification.

Alcohol-free tonic.


Protective nourishing cream. At moderately low temperatures (up to -10 degrees Celsius), use a cream for dry skin with oils and a small amount of moisturizers.

The cold cream or protective balm is also useful, but only for a short time in the freezing cold.

Stages of care


Cheat sheet for different skin types:

owners of problem, oily and combination skin are shown gentle foams and gels;

for those who have dry skin, suitable milk or micellar water, and all this should be washed off with water — mineral or bottled.

After washing, do not forget to treat the skin with a tonic.


Useful cream with panthenol, allantoin or bisabolol. Well, if it will be lipid-replenishing components-they form a thin film, which will create a reliable protective barrier of the epidermis.


Means with a thick nourishing texture for all skin types is better to apply in the evening. Look for in the hyaluronic acid, algae extract, aloe juice.

Mature skin shows continued care with the use of the usual night cream in it enough hydrolysation.

Nourishing cream with natural oils in winter is good for dry skin, the rest will need it only if you spend a lot of time in the cold.


Apply a tonal moisturizer over the morning cream, preferably with SPF — it will further protect the skin.

A special dense cream on anhydrous basis with the function of barrier protection-with a significant content of natural oils — is needed only for the duration of stay in the cold. Better wash it off at home.
After washing, do not forget to apply the tonic

Moisturizing different skin types in winter

Guided by the advice of cosmetologists to choose the cream according to the skin type, we give recommendations for moisturizing.

Fat, troubled

Twice a day, use a fluid with moisturizing and seboregulating components.
Three times a week, make a mask with moisturizing and soothing effect.

Use the formula gidrofilizatory and lepidospartum components (vegetable oils, ceramides).


Apply classic moisturizers with oils to the dry U-zone.
For fat T-zone more suitable light hydrating gels and fluids.

Moisturizing body skin in winter

In this regard, we also saved a couple of valuable recommendations.

Give up antibacterial soap and hot water.
Water procedures try to do contrast.
Replace regular shower gels with moisturizing ones.
Choose the creams and serums for the body gidrofilizatory — they retain moisture in the intercellular space at the level of the deep layers of the skin.